Step-by-Step: 100% Data Backed Inbound Marketing Strategy

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100% Data Backed Inbound Marketing Strategy — Scientifically guarantees Rapid increases in Website Traffic and Leads


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Get Udemy’s Step-by-Step: 100% Data Backed Inbound Marketing Strategy $10 Coupon, to get Discount on Course. This Tutorial is on Growth Hacking of Marketing. It is instructed by Mark Espanol (CEO at Code Midas| Incubator Alumni| Serial Entrepreneur|).

Target audience

  • If you are a SLACKER. Get off this page.
  • If you can follow through on all directions this class is for you.
  • If you have struggled to launch a blog, a website, a product, because you don't understand how to make your website valuable this class is for you
  • If your company has put out a job posting for: "Inbound Marketer, Content Strategists, Marketing Intern, Business Development, Social Media Marketer"
  • If you APPLIED for a job that had the words "Inbound Marketer, Content Strategists, Marketing Intern, Business Development, Social Media Marketer"
  • If you are an internet entrepreneur who wants a more comprehensive approach to attracting people your site
  • If you are college student who wants to learn a skill that can make you X times your student loans even before you graduate
  • If you want a job at a startup
  • If you were put in charge of your company's Inbound Marketing Operation

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the ONLY things you need to know about keywords to ACTUALLY DO MARKETING. No Fluff Here.
  • Learn the 3 Perspectives to understand Keywords
  • Understand how SEO people see Keywords
  • Learn how Keyword phrases are BORN from Customer Experiences
  • Learn how true Industry Experts understand the Power of Keywords
  • Learn the relationship between Keywords, Search Engines, and the Information that makes up the internet
  • Learn how your industry is not defined by 1 WORD
  • Learn the most comprehensive approach to Keyword Research that breaks down your industry into every single keyword phrase that people use to research your industry online
  • Learn how to extract keyword phrases from the 3 places on the internet that the Best SEO EXPERTS have been using for years.
  • Learn an amazing process that MULTIPLIES all of your keyword Phrases, and yields what people are actually TYPING IN THE SEARCH BAR
  • Have your own Organized Document that is filled with EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT KEYWORD PHRASE right at your finger tips
  • Learn the Secret Truth about Content Strategy that everybody is too Blind to See
  • Learn exactly what is happening on the internet when an industry "GROWS"
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Producers and Consumers of Information in your Industry and how they contribute to your industry onliine
  • Finally know, what your role should be if you are trying to make a lot of money online in any industry
  • Understand the 8 Unique Individuals in your Industry, Who they are and how to Work with them to grow your company/project/ or website
  • Learn how to get all the personal contact information you need to start building the right relationships
  • Learn how to STOP going out of your way to research your industry
  • Build your own System that automatically Delivers your Research directly to you
  • Become an Industry Expert by having your entire industry at your fingertips and the knowledge packaged neatly for you to access at any time
  • Learn the power of Buyer Personas
  • Learn how every company who thinks they make money on their product is WRONG
  • Learn how to make every person who visits your website FEEL like you are talking to them as an Individual
  • Learn the 1 MISTAKE thats costing you relationships with your visitors.
  • Learn the STEP-BY-STEP approach to building your Buyer Personas
  • Learn how to develop the right interview questions that will reveal the information you need to ATTRACT way more customers
  • Compile all of your Buyer Persona Research into our EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM-BUILT TOOL that will Mathematically Derive the Answers you need to Build Scientifically Proven Buyer Personas.
  • Learn how to adopt the vocabulary of your customers to talk to them as individuals and make all of your content extremely relatable
  • Learn how to compile all of the vocabulary of all of the vendors in your industry who are succeeding to sell their products and communicate effectively to their customers, and Use it to your advantage
  • Learn how Blogging is not a stupid BUZZ WORD
  • Fully Understand how the world of business has already changed and how "Blogging" is the METHOD to becoming the biggest company in the world
  • Understand that in the Physical world Monopolies can't exist, but on the Internet, Monopolies can be built
  • Learn why blog titles are the most important thing you will ever write
  • Learn how out of all of the information on the internet, the most read, viewed, shared information on the internet has specific writing structures
  • Learn the REAL SECRET to writing click worthy blog titles
  • Develop a 2nd nature to write Click Worthy Blog Titles. We are SERIOUS.
  • Learn the 4 Hacks for creating Unlimited & Validated blog ideas.
  • Learn how Inbound Marketers, and bloggers have been missing out on the Low Hanging Golden Fruit that MATHEMATICALLY reveals what your customers care about and crave to read
  • Learn the true role of what Bloggers and Inbound Marketers should have been doing already. HINT (UPWORTHY FIGURED IT OUT)
  • Learn how to leverage your Industry's High Performing Content, "Upgrade it", and take Ownership of all the Happy Relationships it will Attract to your Website
  • Learn 4 Hacks that reveal the best, most cared about topics and how to turn them into actionable blog posts
  • Learn how to develop your own Industry Specific Blog Title Formulas that make Blog Title Creation Insanely Fast
  • Build the most comprehensive list of INDUSTRY SPECIFIC, READY-TO-WRITE Blog Titles and Ideas
  • Learn an in-depth understanding of what exactly the Buyers Journey is
  • Learn what the customer is experiencing during each stage of the Buyer's Journey
  • Learn how to cater to your buyers at each stage of the Buyers Journey
  • Learn which stage of the buyer's journey generates the MOST QUALIFIED LEADS
  • Learn how to Avoid the Worst Mistake in Qualified Lead Generation everybody is making on a daily basis
  • Learn how to build the SPECIAL Website Assets that turn Visitors into Customers
  • Visually understand the journey a visitor/ lead makes, from entering your website to buying your product
  • Visually understand how optimized inbound campaigns layout the path for a visitor to become a customer
  • Learn how to leverage every single asset you have created over the course of this class, to develop the best campaigns possible. (WE ARE ALSO SERIOUS AGAIN)
  • Learn why producing blog posts for the sake of producing content is a waste of your time, THERE IS A BETTER WAY.
  • Learn the 12 highest performing OFFER structures on the internet
  • Learn how to decide what offers your audience will love, and will continue to build more and more relationships
  • Learn how to go above and beyond an "Inbound Campaign Publishing Plan"
  • Get access to the most actionable Inbound Campaign Development worksheets, that streamline the process of "planning"
  • Learn OUR SECRET approach to producing your Inbound Campaigns FASTER, and completing everything earlier than everybody else
  • Learn how we used a TESTED & PROVEN FACT about where QUALIFIED LEADS come from to organize the most optimized Publishing plan
  • Learn the 3 methods on how to organize and prioritize what to produce and when to produce
  • Learn the exact STEP-BY-STEP process on how to build YEARS WORTH of Inbound Campaigns
  • Get access to the EXCLUSIVE and Customized spreadsheet that organizes years worth of campaigns
  • All prices of Course are in SGD.
  • This Online Course is available in Udemy.
  • Best $10 Offer on Step-by-Step: 100% Data Backed Inbound Marketing Strategy using Udemy Coupon. Discount was Updated on November 13, 2019 4:45 am.

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Step-by-Step: 100% Data Backed Inbound Marketing Strategy
Step-by-Step: 100% Data Backed Inbound Marketing Strategy

$58.78 $11.76

$58.78 $11.76

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