WordPress development beginner to advanced only $10 udemy course free

WordPress development beginner to advanced only $10 udemy course free download this WordPress development course and learn PHP, JavaScript, WordPress theming & the WP REST API to Create Custom & Interactive WordPress Websites complete online or offline WordPress mastery course beginner to pro.

What you’ll learn

  • Why code is the key to building whatever you can imagine with WordPress
  • The ability to write PHP to manipulate the data of a WordPress site
  • The ability to write JavaScript to add on-the-fly interactivity to a WordPress site
  • How to code your own new custom block types for the “Gutenberg” Block Editor
  • The skills, knowledge, and vocabulary to work professionally as a WordPress developer

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Leveling up as a web developer begins with a firm foundation, one in which you can then incrementally build your skill sets. Far too many developers skip these fundamentals and jump right to changing this or that on a website. The intent of the Absolutely Beginner’s lab series is to provide you with a bunch of “Aha” moments where it just starts making sense for you

ou will be introduced to websites, browsers, and programming. Let’s talk about the roles of the various technologies and programming languages. You’ll also learn about the role of plugins and themes in relation to a WordPress website

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